Roosevelt Family Leadership Training

Are you interested in working together with the Roosevelt School District to help build family-school partnerships and student success?

Sign-up today for the Roosevelt Family Leadership Academy.


In collaboration with Choice For All, The Roosevelt Union-Free School District is recruiting, for a second time, parents and community members to participate in the Family Leadership Academy (FLA).  Participants will learn strategies, develop leadership skills, and participate in discussions to help the district complete a  comprehensive Family and Community Engagement Plan!  Participants will also receive a certificate of completion and participate in a larger effort to help increase the parent-school partnership with our children’s school.

The benefits of building a stronger family-school-community partnership are many:

  • higher teacher morale
  • more parent involvement
  • Greater student success
  • Furthermore, research shows that when parents are involved, students have higher grades and test scores, enroll in more advanced programs, earn more credits, have better school attendance and homework completion rates increase. Parents also see improved social skills and behavior.

A family-school partnership is a win-win situation for everyone!  To learn more about Family-School Partnerships, please visit the National PTA website.

Who should participate:
Anyone with a stake in improving our schools and student achievement, PTSA leaders, parents, school administrators, school board members, community organizations, and more.

The training is FREE and dinner will be provided.

Meeting dates are Wednesdays: November 7, 14, 28 and Dec 5 and 11

If you are interested in participating in the Family Leadership Academy, provided by the District, please contact Rocehelle Gooding today at 516-345-7055 or send an email to